Star Cool CA

Controlled Atmosphere

Throughout the development of the innovative CA system, our aim was to make it simple and effective in design and operation, while cost-effective enough to target significant volumes of produce and open up new markets worldwide.

Star Cool CA principles

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Star Cool CA

Star Cool CA enables the careful monitoring and control of the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside a reefer. This means that perishable produce can be transported further and over a longer time period, yet still arrive in fresh and pristine condition, ready for the supermarket shelves.

The system has particularly proven its value for banana and avocado cargos, increasing the transportation window to as much as 45 days. CA works for all fruits and vegetables with high respiration rates, which covers more than 85 percent of current global CA volumes.

Star Cool CA uses a membrane constructed of multi-layered, high-tech polymer film. This allows the controlled removal of carbon dioxide while the auto-fresh air intake regulates oxygen levels for the optimum atmosphere.

Star Cool journey

Star Cool CA+

Star Cool CA+™ builds on MCI’s leading controlled atmosphere technology to open up a cost-effective way to new markets for low-respiring, high-value perishables such as blueberry and lychee.