Automatic Ventilation

AV+ is the correct way to accurately control fresh-air ventilation in reefers.

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By using a CO2 sensor, the technology that powers AV+ monitors the natural respiration of produce inside the reefer. Based on preselected settings, the AV+ module automatically opens and closes to reach and maintain safe CO2 or O2 levels. This minimises the risks of over-ventilation with warm ambient air and ensures that produce enjoys optimum care during transportation, which can delay ripening.

The added benefit of automatic control is improved energy efficiency, as far less warm, humid air enters the container. Less air needing to be cooled = less energy consumed = energy cost and carbon footprint reduction.

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A test with bananas has shown that AV+ allows only the correct amount of CO2 to build up in the reefer, avoiding unwanted high CO2 levels. With fixed air ventilation, there is a significant risk of over-ventilation.