MCI specialises in developing and manufacturing top-quality reefer machines and boxes - the building blocks of global trade. All MCI products are built on a foundation of detailed knowledge about what the market requires from modern cargo transportation units. Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between quality, cost-efficient construction and respect for the environment.

Star Cool

Engineered for efficiency

Star Cool Integrated

Engineered to outperform


Engineered to last

Star Cool CA

Star Cool CA is an effective low-energy controlled atmosphere system that is built into the Star Cool Integrated™ Reefer.


Star Cool CA+™ builds on MCI’s leading controlled atmosphere technology to open up a cost-effective way to new markets for low-respiring, high-value perishables such as blueberry and lychee.

Automatic Ventilation

AV+ (Automatic Ventilation) is the correct way to accurately control fresh-air ventilation in reefers. By using a CO2 sensor, the technology that powers AV+ monitors the natural respiration of produce inside the reefer.


To take energy efficiency to the next level, Star Cool has introduced StarConomy which is optimizing the cooling process and putting produce care first while remaining within the 0.25°C control band on supply air.