Star Cool brings cost-efficient cooling for stationary use

Although the vast majority of Star Cool reefer containers spend their lives on the high seas and on the road, a significant and growing number never goes anywhere from one year to the next.

Star Cool for stationary use
Star Cool installation in Poland

Domestic stationary use of Star Cool reefers may be a relative outlier in terms of the global fleet, but this application is providing vital services and support for thousands of people in Poland, among many other countries.

As Kamil Bieszk, manager and reefer specialist at Eco Containers explained: “Our customers include mainly medium and large companies, but also hospitals and schools. In fact, our domestic market covers any operation that routinely needs efficient cold storage.”

Application versatility
On a daily basis, Star Cool reefers find themselves used to store everything from raw meat, fresh fish, food and bakery products to beverages and blood plasma, chemical products and medicines, even seedlings, spices and tobacco. 

The market in Poland for domestic reefer applications is strong and constantly developing. “Right now, we have a fleet of over 125 Star Cool reefers, divided between 20’ and 40’HC reefers. We’ve also just placed an order for 30 more. These will arrive in Poland by the end of the year and won’t be sitting idle for long”, said Kamil Bieszk. 

Bieszk reports that he regularly receives approving comments about the units’ economical and quiet operation.

Proven cost and environmental benefitsEco Containers’ customers appreciate the functional and environmental benefits of Star Cool. Bieszk reports that he regularly receives approving comments about the units’ economical and quiet operation. Users also appreciate their low power consumption, which directly supports the environmental goals of the companies and organisations that operate them.

With a constant demand for high-efficiency, low-energy stationary cooling solutions that are easy to move around and deliver, non-freight use of the white giants looks to have a healthy future.

Eco Containers has Star Cools spread over most of Poland

Stored cargo includes:
IceBlood plasma
Frozen bakery products
Raw meat
Industrial rubber
Food components
Animal feed
Fish and seafood