MCI Introduces CA+ Cargo Insurance Program

The global demand for blueberries grows unabated. In addition, tropicals and exotics are expected to see continued growth globally well into the future.

Throughout Latin America and across the world, fruit producing countries are investing heavily in commercial production of blueberries. Consumers have come to expect quality products available in their local supermarket or fruit stand year-round, and to meet these demands products may have to travel half-way around the world. Having a reliable and cost-efficient method of transportation provides the shipper not only with a commercial outlet for their product, but also a sense of security that the product can arrive in market-ready condition with sufficient remaining shelf-life.

Since launching controlled atmosphere capability on its Star Cool machines in 2009 Maersk Container Industry has grown to be the market leader in CA capable reefer machines – with a global market share of 80%.  In 2018 MCI introduced CA+. This  service addition allows reefers to accurately control CO2 levels between 1 and 18 percent successfully.  CA+ is perfectly suited to provide optimal care for low-respiring fruits such as blueberries and lychees over transport routes exceeding 40 days.

MCI’s CA+ service is more than just the technology necessary to provide the delicate balance of gasses. Our CA+ service provides a hands-on approach working directly with shipping lines, depots and shippers to ensure proper installation of curtains at packing stations/farms, checking the seal and flushing the N2 and CO2 at the depot prior to vessel loadingThroughout the transport, CA+ software is monitoring and recording on respiration levels.  MCI’s CA+ method provides the industry’s fastest way to reach desired levels – faster than active CA or modified atmosphere systems presently available on the market.    

Though MCI has a record of perfect performance of its CA+ service,  it is desired to provide carriers with even greater assurance on performance and reliability.  The cargo insurance policy option is now available as an addition to the CA+ service.

With a low premium structure, the policy will provide coverage of US$ 100,000 per claim should the service fail on carriage of berries, stone fruit and a variety of other fresh produce. The coverage is worldwide and available immediately.    

Additional information about the insurance option is available from your sales representative.