Maersk Group’s CFO lays out role of MCI


Maersk Container Industry (MCI) will continue to attract and serve a wide variety of customers in the coming years, according to the Maersk Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Trond Westlie.

“For many years, MCI has created innovative reefer products, which have helped build Maersk Line's strong reefer position in the market. We want to ensure MCI continues to do so, while we simultaneously develop the business with customers outside the Group,” said Trond Westlie, Chief Financial Officer in the Maersk Group, in the October 2014 issue of Maersk Post.

One strategic pillar is the 2015 opening of a new reefer factory in San Antonio, Chile. This will be Latin America’s first production of refrigerated containers.

“The new factory can help correct the reefer trade imbalance in Latin America while reducing the cost of repositioning a lot of reefer containers,” said Soren Leth Johannsen, Chief Commercial Officer in MCI.