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We provide first class seminars to enable service providers, ship technicians and others to carry out maintenance and repair of Star Cool refrigeration machines.

All seminars are conducted by our service technicians, which means that participants are being trained by professional people with a broad knowledge of Star Cool products. This also gives credibility to the certificate that all participants receive upon course completion, and makes it a valuable tool when determining the skill level of employees.

A seminar consists of a theoretical part where our technician will talk participants through the structure of the Star Cool reefer machines and explain maintenance procedures as well as possible repair procedures. There will be a quiz to determine the participant's level of understanding. Seminars are conducted in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean, supported when necessary, by an interpreter.

Following the theoretical element, participants are guided through the most common features on either a Star Cool reefer machine in service or our education test model. This component of the course is practical and allows participants to do the exercises themselves.

Our service technicians are constantly travelling the world providing professional assistance and training, and we strive to provide training as close to your location as possible.