Sustainable Polyurethane Technology

All MCI reefer boxes are made with environmentally friendly SuPoTec® insulation.

SuPoTec® was developed in 2002 as MCI searched for a viable way to insulate the reefers so they need minimal energy to keep their cargos fresh and delicious during transportation from farm to fork. SuPoTec®s base component is cyclopentane, which is enhanced with the addition of materials that ensure virtually  unchanged thermal performance compared to the traditional HCFC141b foaming method.

We use cyclopentane in the foaming process, which results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The global warming potential (called GWP) of a 40' reefer box with SuPoTec® is reduced to about 1% compared with a container made with HCFC141b. And SuPoTec® causes no harm to the Earth's protective ozone layer, unlike HCFC141b.

GWP impact of blowing agents for a 40' reefer box.

Reefer boxes equipped with SuPoTec® insulation create advantages that go well beyond environmental law requirements. In short, MCI helps its customers reduce their carbon foot print.

As of 1 January 2013, the total SuPoTec® production had offset CO2emissions equal to what 441,000 Danish citizens emit for one year.