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Star Cool rises to a prickly challenge

Known throughout Asia as “the king of fruits”, durian is a selective tropical delicacy in its home territory of SE Asia and China. With its intensely pungent odour, this tropical fruit seems to repel as many people as it attracts. Its smell can be so overpowering that it has been banned from many hotels, taxis, and subways, yet fans can travel far on “durian holidays” to feast on the yellow flesh.


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Star Cool CA

Star Cool CA is an effective low-energy controlled atmosphere system that is built into the Star Cool Integrated™ Reefer.

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Working in an industry that manufactures large, heavy containers in bulk quantities, we naturally face many challenges in our daily operations. As part of acknowledging these challenges, we are committed to understanding our impacts on society – positive and negative – and acting on them.


Our people are our most important asset. We protect them and invest in them, so they can make a difference and continue to grow with the company. If you are interested in working in an international environment, where you can challenge yourself and develop your personal and professional skills, Maersk Container Industry could be the place for you.